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    Swag 6" Large - 4 pc Longarm Set
    Your Machine's Foot Size and Acrylic Thickness: Tooltip Please be sure to select your machine's foot size and acrylic thickness before adding this item to your shopping cart.

Tools and Gadgets That Work Well in 6" or 9" Quilting Areas


There are many wonderful, 9" straight stitch home sewing machines that are now being operated as longarms.  Husqvarna-Viking, Pfaff, Babylock, Brother, Juki and Janome all make a variety of models of this type of machine.  If you have a machine like this there are two things you'll need to be sure of before you begin ruler work. 

First, be sure the foot on your machine is compatible with 1/4" thick acrylic tools.  This means you need a completely round foot so that the needle stitches in the center.  This foot should be tall enough to keep from hopping over or under the ruler you will be using.  How would you know this?  Take two of your regular rotary cutting rulers (as they are usually 1/8" thick), one on top of the other, and place beside the foot on your machine.  Rotate the handwheel by hand to see if the foot is tall enough to safely stitch beside a 1/4" thick ruler.  If not, there is an aftermarket foot that was designed to work with 9" straight stitch machines.   See Ruler Foot in  the Longarm Notions section on this site.

Second, be sure the base on your machine is wide enough to support the rulers you'll use.  If you see it is not, see Extension Table in the Longarm Notions section on this site. Both the Ruler Foot and Extension Table were manufactured especially for these machines.

Gadgets that work well in 9" quilting areas:

Circles 1/2" up to 7":  Circle Set Jr., 6 pc. Tiny Circle Set, Circle Trio Large, Circle Trio Small

Eight Inch Ruler

Hearts:  Set B and Tiny Heart

Janet-Lee's Favorite

Linda Mae's Rays 6"

Little Girl Ruler

Magic Gadget Set 1: #2, #3

Motif Feather Guide #2*

Open Rope 1 1/2"

Ovals Set B

Paisley Plus

Petal Plus Set B

Ribbons: 1", 1 1/2", and 2 1/2"*

Ropes and Flowers Set

3" Shells & Big Swirls*

Shells & Diamonds*

Shells & Swirls*

Tiny Shells & Small Swirls*

Tear Drops Set B


90 Degree Jr.

* means you may need to turn the quilt.


Gadgets that work well in 6" quilting areas:

Circles:  1/2" up to 4":  6 pc. Tiny Circle Set, Circle Trio Small

Eighth Inch Ruler*

Heart, Tiny

Janet-Lee's Favorite*

Little Girl Ruler*

Magic Gadgets, Set 1, #2

Open Rope 1 1/2"

Ovals Set B

Paisley Plus (some of the set)

Petal Plus Set B

Ribbbons: 1", 1 1/2" and  2 1/2"*

Ropes & Flowers

Shells & Diamonds*+

3" Shells & Big Swirls*+

Shells & Swirls*+

Tiny Shells & Small Swirls

Tear Drops Set B


+ means could be tight fit

* means you may need to turn the quilt