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Quilting Fan designs on the APQS machine

This method for making Baptist Fan designs with the APQS machine was suggested to us by an experienced APQS owner and we are passing it along to you on their recommendation.  No other attachments or accessories are needed.

  1. Load the quilt top, backing & batting as usual
  2. Working from the front of the machine, baste the quilt from top to bottom.  To do this, use a slow speed & move the machine quickly, stitching lines across the quilt at about 4-6 inches apart.
  3. When you have reached the bottom of the quilt, remove the pins from the quilt top & remove the top roller.  You now have a smooth surface on which to work.
  4. You will now start to make fans from the bottom of the quilt & going up.  You will remove the basting as you go & before stitching in an area.
  5. Place the template at the bottom of the quilt resting the lower edge of the template on the backing roller.  Now stitch from the left side of the quilt, over the top of the template & down to the bottom of the quilt.
  6. Continue in this manner across the quilt then towards the top.