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Freebie Design 3 - Featuring Diamond/Diagonal Set & 90 Degree Rulers

In order to include two designs in this Freebie, we are showing one border design and  a different interior design.  You probably would not use the two together in most cases.


For quilts pieced on a square or rectangular grid use the Diamond/Diagonal Ruler to stitch Zig Zags in the interior of the quilt.  This gives movement to the quilt.

In this example, the zigs are stitched over three rows, and the zags are stitched over the next three rows.  The last set of zigs is only two row.  You may choose to zig and zag over a different number of rows to have an even design.

For a different look, try zigging over a different number of rows than  zagging.  Zig 3 rows, zag 5 rows, zig 4 rows, etc.

Another idea is to continue the zig zag design into the border.


For narrow borders, use the 90 Degree Ruler, Jr. and for wide borders, use the 90 Degree Ruler.  Be sure to pin the backing and batting to the take up roller with T-Pins and float the top.

By using one of the 90 Degree Rulers you can just slide the ruler over each time and sitich this border.  Use the etched lines on the ruler to space the stitching and /or use the piecing as your guide.  The quilt should have an even number of rows and columns to make the design work out all around.