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Freebie Design Four - Featuring Circle Sets

This is a good design for scrap quilts.

Use for blocks set straight or on point or for rectangle, hexagon or triangular blocks.

For quilts with smaller blocks, you might use every other intersection for the center of the circles instead of each intersection.

Use one or two circle templates for an allover design.  Place the center point of each template on the intersection of blocks.

The top section shows how you can use a larger circle over each intersection.  When choosing the size template to use, make sure you have a good overlapping of stitching.  You can see the pumplin seed shape that the overlapping of two circles makes.

The bottom section shows the same size template used at the top but with the addition of a smaller circle in the center.  These small circles should not overlap any stitching.

To stitch, start in the upper left corner with the large template.  Begin stitching at the left side of the quilt and end stitching at the top of the quilt.  Slide the template over to the next intersection and sitich from left to right.  Be sure to lock you stitches and crossover to the next starting point.  When you complete the first row of circles, start from the right and continue to the left.

If you are using more than one size circle, first stitch the large circles over your working surface, then stitch the small cirlces over your working surface.  Now advance the quilt and continue sitiching circles.