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Featuring Ovals or Circles and the Diamond/Diagonal Set

1. Start wit the short border (top or bottom).  Mark the center point (A), then the center of the left side (B), then the center of the right side (C).  Continue finding the centers until you have the spacing you like.  You will be stitching the bases of the triangles towards the inside of the quilt.

2.  Stitch the triangles first starting at the center and using your marked lines as guides.  Do the large triangles first, then fill in the parallel lines using the spacing and number of lines that look good to you.

3.  Use the circles or ovals to make the arcs between the triangles.  Make the design of your choice to fill in the corner squares.  Use the ovals, circles or diagonal ruler.

4.  For the side borders, measure the distance between the marks you placed on the top border, such as the distance between B and D above.  Use this measurement to place the same marks on the side borders BUT start at a corner and work to the center (see E).  You will notice that the triangles in the center do not match up.  Just fill that space in with your cicle or oval design.

5.  This will make the triangles and arcs the same size on the borders as they are on the top and bottom of the quilt.

6.  You might find it easier to mark these divisions (indicated by the dashed lines) before you load the quilt top.  This will make you able to sitich all of the borders without remounting the quilt, and you will be assured that the design will look like you want.