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    Little Girl Ruler
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I can quilt the freehand areas faster than I can draw them but the images should give you a good idea. The little freehand areas I call "Do-Dads". Use your favorite Do-Dad in place of mine.


Fast and Easy Swag Border - Oval Set

Use the long side of the large oval and start at one of the corners. Choose the horizontal line that best fits the border. Place that line on the seam line of the border. Stitch one swag and then another untill you reach the center. Don't cross over the center. Now start at the other corner and do the same.

At the center, use the small side of the oval to connect the two sets of swags.

Now stitch in the ditch and stitch the dodad at the same time. Start in the seamline of the border and SID until you reach the intersection of the two swags, stitch the Do-Dad then continue SID until you reach the next intersection. Stitch the next Do-Dad and continue until you reach the end.

Do the same thing with the side borders as you quilt towards the bottom.

Bead Board Background - Diamond/Diagonal Ruler Set

Use this background behind applique.  It is faster than cross hatching and looks great.

Start in the center, place the right edge of the ruler 1/8 of an inch to the left of the corner of the block. stitch a vertical line, this is shown as line number 1.

Now place the first etched line of the ruler over the line you just stitched and stitch another line (2 on the diagram).   Now place the edge of  the ruler over the line you just stitched and stitch another line ( number 3 on the diagram).
Continue in this manner untill you reach the end of the block. To  stitch the other side of the block, begin by placing the left edge of the ruler over line 1 and stitch line 4. Place the first etched line on the ruler over line 4 and stitch line 5. Place the edge of the ruler over line 5 and stitch line 6. Continue until you have reached the other end of the block.