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Shells and Swirls



Shells and Swirls Quilting


This is sample of the Shells and Swirls ruler design - 4" clamshell and a medium sized swirl.


The 3" Shells and Big Swirls offers a 3" clamshell and a much deeper swirl.


Here is the Tiny Shells and Small Swirls sample.  The clamshells are about 3/4" wide and the swirl is shallow.


This rope design was created with the swirls side of the Tiny Shells and Small Swirl Ruler. 


Here are 3 embellishing designs for the rope.  Below you see how this fits in a 2 inch border.




The 3" Shells and Big Swirl ruler was used to quilt a ribbon border.



Above and below are other great little border designs using the shell side of the the Tiny Shells and  Small Swirls ruler.




The Shells and Swirls rulers are perfect for setting spines for feathers and vines. 


The Pumpkin Seed design quilted with the Shells and Swirls ruler.


Here clamshells were quilted into the sashing to compliment the block design.