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Oval Set

The fish were made with the Oval Set. I stitched from the tip of the tail to the nose, then scooted the Oval the amount I though looked best (the fish on the left is fatter than the one on the right) and continued stitching from the nose to the tail. 


This is a sampling of some of the swag designs you can achieve with the Oval Set.  Always stitch the deepest or widest arch first, then you can go back and add additional arch if desired. 

Notice the row of swags at the top of this sample.  After I quilted the deepest swag I added the second row and it was necessary for me to travel or stitch in the ditch between arcs.  The other option would be knotting off and breaking the thread between arcs.



The Ovals come in a 3 piece set, each marked on both the short side and the long side.  This gives you lots of size choices!

We have the original Oval Set as well as the Oval Set B, a slightly smaller set.


There are many arc depths to use on just one oval!


Ovals were used to quilt the outer border in a visually pleasing way.  Detailed instructions for this design come with the Oval Set.

The top purple sashing was also quilted with an oval.


The left outer border here was quilted with overlapping Ovals, and was easy to do because of the multiple placement lines on the templates.  The more placement lines you have to work with, the easier the quilting will be to do.

Ovals were used to make the swags in the sashing on the left, as well as the center motif.