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Ode to a Circle Template


Oh where oh where is that circle template, oh where oh where can it be?

I've searched high and I've searched low and I just cannot see, why...I even sent out a plea!

I searched every corner and emptied every box, I was beginning to think that this was a croc, but all I could find was some old Maxi Loc!

I found a Little Girl and I found *Someone's* Favorite.  It just wasn't the same and I just didn't get it.

I searched every drawer and stood on my head, the only thing there was, was a whole bunch of thread!

No doubt that I looked like a fool, but all I could find was a whole bunch of spools!

Oh Mother Goose, what's with this abuse?  Without it, you know, I just can't produce!

I found Ovals and I found Stars, and I even found bug jars!  I really was beginning to think, I should just go to the bars.

And just when I thought I was ready to pitch her, I found a bunch of missing Dainty Ditchers!

I know, you say it's just a ruler, but to me there really isn't too much that's cooler.

And just when I felt I was ready to grumble, what's this I see as I take a tumble?!  A lovely green glow...but it's all in a crumble...

And just when you thought I was ready to leave, oh no my friends...we all must grieve!